RT120 Quad Ride-On Trencher

Engineered With Everything But Quit.

When you’ve got a lengthy utility or telecom installation, you’re bound to run into all types of terrain along the way. That’s when you’ll begin to realize the true value of the extraordinarily stout, powerful and stable RT120 Quad. Its massive undercarriage, superior Quad Track System and three-speed, shift-on-the fly transmission combine to handle whatever the jobsite throws at you. And driving everything is a powerful, Tier 4-compliant diesel engine that meets all emissions requirements. With the RT120 Quad, nothing slows you down.

RT120 Quad

120-hp (89.5-kW) Deutz® diesel engine and reliable hydrostatic transmission keep the RT120 Quad running strong all day long; engine is Tier 4 compliant, requiring no expensive after-treatment.

RT120 Quad

Innovative, long-lasting chevron-pattern tracks provide maximum traction in wet conditions and on slopes.

Dial control design gives the operator precise control of the ground drive speed and attachments.

Standard four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering make the RT120 Quad the ideal heavy-duty tractor for both paved and off-road work.

When you need extra pull, the RT120 Quad’s three-speed, shift-on-the-fly ground drive senses load conditions and automatically adjusts for maximum performance.

Large selection of hydrostatic attachments—plus a choice of front-mount utility backhoes and a reel carrier—for greater productivity.

Best-in-class ground clearance of 15.5 inches (394 mm) helps the RT120 Quad be more productive in and around bar ditches, creek beds and uneven terrain in general.

Cruise-control system senses engine load and automatically adjusts ground drive speed for consistent production.

RT120 Quad
Rugged Design

The RT120 Quad’s heavy-duty undercarriage is built for durability and long life.

Heavy-duty, robust track frames—designed and built by the Ditch Witch organization—weigh 1,500 lb (680.4 kg) each (including track), providing a lower center of gravity for increased stability and drawbar.

Plow attachment features heavy-duty lift arms that withstand the RT120 Quad’s tremendous power and drawbar.

Standard tilt frame configuration helps you dig a vertical trench on uneven ground.

Standard rear steer gives the RT120 Quad a tighter turn radius, resulting in better jobsite maneuverability and increased versatility while digging.

Equipped with an electrically controlled pump that requires minimal maintenance (no cables to adjust) and provides better response and controllability.

Operator’s station features a color LCD engine display that provides all engine information and diagnostics.

Removable side panels provide easy access to service areas; engine service points are conveniently located on the left side, and the oil level can be checked without opening the engine enclosure.

RT120 Quad
Superior Support

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