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Ditch Witch is the worldwide leader in underground construction equipment, listed as one of the top 100 products Made in The U.S.A.

The Ditch Witch organization is understandably proud of the many innovative pioneering products and technology produced, contributing to the well-being of mankind and the environment: Trenchers; HDD Horizontal Directional Drills, GPR Ground Scanners & Utility Locators.

The foundation of Ditch Witch grows from nearly 100 years of high-quality workmanship, in Perry, Oklahoma, U.S.A.


We reserve the full force of our pride for the thousands of employees, our team members, past and present, who have made these products possible. It is through our team members and organization, that we support our customers, with successful installations of utilities, underground.

The Ditch Witch Middle East head office is strategically located in Lebanon. Our engineers and support staff are all well experienced, specialized team members, traveling The Gulf and the region, supporting our customers with real underground construction projects and jobsites. We have been pioneering and supporting Trenching and HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling, in The Middle East, for more than 30 years.

With more than 100 years of combined specialized underground construction experience, Ditch Witch Middle East also offers free lifetime technical support, to our customers, with the most modern equipment training, in the industry, from classroom to actual jobsite training, we are with you all the way, and beyond.

Our Products

From the compact walk behind trenchers to the heavy duty RT120
From the compact HDD JT5 to the heavy duty AT120 All Terrain
There is a productive, reliable, efficient Ditch Witch machine for every type of jobsite and installation.

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HDD All Terrain Rock
Process HDD Bore

How HDD is done

HDD Process

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Live pictures taken at Job Sites.

Pipes Installed Underground
with no disturbance to road surface

Pipes Installed Underground
with no disturbance to road surface

Pipes Installed Underground
with no disturbance to road surface

Pipes Installed Underground
with no disturbance to road surface

Grade Slope
Grade Slope Installations

Multiple Pipes

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Contact us now and we will help you select the right machine for your jobsite.

We Get Operators Ready. The Ditch Witch organization is your go-to resource for the best training in the industry. Talk to your local dealer to learn more about our Ditch Witch Certified Training programs for HDD and vacuum excavation.
As high-speed internet connections are more in demand than ever, carriers are rushing to bring fiber-optic cable connections to homes, businesses, government facilities, the telecommunications industry and educational institutions across the country. But it takes more than a drill to succeed. Let Ditch Witch be your partner. We provide a total jobsite solution with the ongoing support you need. With the right equipment, free training, and ongoing service for your fiber-optic installation jobs, we’ll help you connect people all over the world.
Whether your trenchless installation job requires a horizontal directional drill, pipe-bursting equipment, rod pushers, or piercing tools, you should first thoroughly inspect your equipment even before you leave for the jobsite.
With our variety of resources, from interactive tools to information on jobsite solutions, we are committed to maximizing the ease and efficiency of every job.
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We're committed to providing you with the most productive equipment,
unparalleled support and leading-edge training resources necessary to be safe and successful on every jobsite.
We’re right there with you because We’re In This Together.

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Get started with Training?

We Get Operators Ready. The Ditch Witch Middle East organization is your go-to resource for the best training in the industry. Visit us to learn more about our Ditch Witch Middle East Certified Training programs for HDD, Trenching , Service & Parts.

We Get Operators Ready

When your crew faces tough conditions, we’re right there with you to recommend site-specific solutions.

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